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Here’s Why These Boho Knotless Braids Cost $450.
7/12/2024 2:00 AM
For many Black women, summertime calls for braids. Pricing for knotless braids, which are faster to braid, feel lighter and have gotten more popular, depends on the length and size of each braid and color blend, and whether hair used in the boho style is human or synthetic...Read More
As Chronic Work Stress Climbs, Enter the Burnout Coach
7/10/2024 12:13 PM
As chronic work stress climbs, entrepreneurs find opportunity in the burgeoning space of burnout coaching...Read More
Catbird, the Brooklyn Jewelry Brand, Is Expanding Across America
7/7/2024 4:01 AM
Twenty years after opening in Williamsburg, Catbird is expanding across America...Read More
Inside the Factory Turning Trash Into Olympic Podiums
7/7/2024 3:04 AM
To help make the Olympic Games in Paris greener, Le Pavé, a manufacturing start-up, is making podiums and stadium seating out of recycled plastic...Read More
Investors Pour $27.1 Billion Into A.I. Start-Ups, Defying a Downturn
7/3/2024 1:21 PM
Funding for A.I. firms made up nearly half the $56 billion in U.S. start-up financing from April to June, according to PitchBook...Read More

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